A Changeling Mage, newly trained and totally devoted to the savior of his life.


A Changeling born in a human slaver camp, there was not much hope for Rodrick. He spent his days hard at work in the mining camps of Hess Bashal. Rodrick was broken young and slavery was all he had ever known.

One day a new slave was shackled near Rodrick. The new slave was named Mandros and Rodrick became fast friends with him. He came to know that Mandros had been a wizard before his enslavement and his friend filled his mind with never before imagined things, along with the formuli for a few spells a slave could probably never deduce how to use. Over the course of a few weeks Mandros’s inprisonment began to chafe and he attacked one of the slavers with Rodrick coming to his defense. Quickly overwhelmed the two were subdued and marched into the nearby forrest, the penalty for assault was death.

Knowing what awaited them, Rodrick tried and tried to remember the spells Mandros had taught him and each time he tried the formula and power evaded him. Could he do this, he wondered.

With a knife and one swift movement the executioner slit Mandros’s throat right before Rodrick’s eyes. The man then looked at Rodrick and headed for him. All at once the desperation and panic galvanized Rodrick’s thoughts to coeless into the one spell he could remember and the would be executioner burned to a cinder where he stood.

Dirty and exhausted Rodrick slept that night beside a nearby road. He had no one now. He could not return to his family because he would die on the spot. He knew nothing of this outside world. He had no hope.

The next day a merchant cart was passing by him on the road but stopped when it came to him. One of the most beautiful beings he had ever known spoke to him and asked him to come along for the chance at money and a purpose. He had just met Anuli, his new purpose in life.

After a very eventful ride to the city, Anuli and Rodrick became friends of a sort. She even sent him for wizard training at the wizard school in Rotella after his knack for magic was discovered. He is ever grateful to Anuli and would die for her if need be.


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