Caldera 2.0

The Traveler's End

We join our adventurers one month after coming to the great city of Rotella. Each has ecked out their own way in the city, whether it be in trade or mercilessly killing for profit. Life continued on in the city of Rotella but everything changes eventually.

Anuli,favored cleric of The Traveler, was sent for by the Governor of Rotella. Upon arrival the Governor inparted on Anuli a form that would sanction the formation of a new guild. This new guild, however, would need to be “off the record”. A poke in the eye, if you will, at the other councelors that controlled all other guilds within the city. “They think me powerless. I’ll show them,” states the Governor. With signed form in tow, Anuli leaves the palace and heads off to gather members for this guild.

Anuli’s faithful companion Rodrick, a newly trained wizard, awaits her return at the Inn of the Prancing Pony in the Port District. Upon meeting, Anuli briefly summerizes the days past events and decide to go off to find members for this new guild. They didn’t have to look far for the first interesting character. Veeshen, a very large,black dragonborn slumped in silence near a back table. Anuli and Roderick approached and bantered with the tight liped dragonborn, discerning two things. One, he was an assassin and Two, he would join up for this new guild. After that each set off in search of unordinary people.

Anuli saunters off into the bustling Market District and meets two such people. A saytr, exotic to these parts, that sells milk in a market stall and a metal bending Warforged blacksmith. Each agrees to meet back at the Inn of the Prancing Pony in two hours time. Rodrick happens upon a Psion in the great library of Rotella. The Psion, having plucked the thoughts from Rodrick’s mind, agrees to meet at the designated time as well.

Later that day, assembled around a back table at the inn, the group of rag tag individuals decide that this new guild will be an adventurers guild. This will allow for many opprotunities, business or otherwise. Many names were offered but one stood above the rest, The Travelers.

To mark that very moment and to secure a base of operations, the adventurers each chipped in to purchase the very inn they were convened at. They renamed this inn, the second largest in the Port District, “The Traveler’s End”.


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